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Renowned photographer and visual expert, Tony Lewis, Jr. and his attentive professional support staff are the one-stop-shop for all your photography needs.


Available with state-of-the-art equipment—combined with an eye for detail and experience—Tony J Photography translates your desired look, feel, and culture into tangible visual content.


Founder and CEO Tony Lewis, Jr. is an image icon of the Greater Annapolis area, worked as a staff photographer for What’s Up Annapolis Magazine as well as an impressive array of additional publication clients such as Arlington, Bethesda, and Annapolis Home Capitol File magazine. Numerous other entities and individuals fill his extensive and impressive portfolio.


At a time when cell phones and filters make it easy to take a picture (but perhaps not the right picture), it’s more important than ever to separate yourself from the masses, and to do that you need a professional.


From individual shoots in our home studio, to on-location shoots, to large multi-faceted productions, complete with every accessory you need—from jibs, to drones, to video—Tony takes your idea from concept to completion in a friendly, professional manner.


Tony J Photography combines old fashioned customer service with state-of-the-art technology and talent to provide the results you desire. It all starts here!

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